"Herskowitz acheives here a triumph of resourcefullness, to the point where we - almost - forget the absence of the other 50 musicians ...the rich thematic material, full of counterpoint and polyrhythms, permits Herskowitz to highlight his double-abilities as concert pianist and jazzman. The very fact that this album can be classified as both jazz and classical is a testament to its success - which is also, of course, Gershwin's."
L'Express, Toronto (critique de Matt Herskowitz Plays Gershwin)

Next Show

March 31, 2015 - MHT with Philippe Quint perform Bach XXI in Mexico City

Here are a couple of "guerilla" videos, shot by my friend Lara St. John. The first was done just after we finished recording our album of compositions and arrangements based on Eastern European folk songs at Domaine Forget in Québec. The second one was done right after a film soundtrack studio session at Avatar Studios in New York. I'll provide an update with information on the album with Lara as soon as I get it! In the meantime, enjoy these little vids:

Chopin Etude op 10 no. 1 "Boogie-Woogie"

Chopin Etude op 10 no. 2 "Montuno"

Finished the 3-week run of my musical theatre show, Bella: The Colour of Love in Toronto. It's been an amazing experience to do 21 performances of the show, we've learned so much, and it keeps getting better and better... I've just added a recent review of the show to the Press page, just click on the link to check it out.

I've added a little promotional video from Live On Stage on the Videos page, who is representing me for bookings for their 2014-15 season - short and sweet!

Review of Upstairs in Downbeat magazine's Editor's Picks! You can read the full review on the Press page.   

MattHerskowitzUpstairscover Matt Herskowitz Upstairs has already received numerous glowing reviews from the US! You can read some of them on the Press page (just click on the tab to the left). In the US you can also order this CD online worldwide through Justin Time Recordsitunesamazon and many other online retailers, as well at any record stores that still exist. In Canada it's available online as well at all retail record stores, including HMV, Archambault, Renaud-Bray and Grigorian.